ButaVX, a comic book style RPG that was awarded "Excellence In Visual Arts" by IGF China.

ButaVX: Justice Fighter
ButaVX's favourite ball somehow ended up in wrong hands! In order to retrieve it, he'll have to go on the adventure of his life and get the mystical Sword of Justice (att +10)!
But where could it be? Explore the village and talk to the villagers, grab potions, prepare for the quest and see the outside world for the first time! Dangers might be lurking around every corner, but ButaVX is a brave piglet.

ButaVX is currently only available as a bonus with Crystal Chip Collector.

System requirements: fairly low.

Who might this duck be?
Mom knows best.
Apples are ButaVX's favourite food.
Explore the wilderness.